I’m Beth and I am the owner and founder of The FurKid Company. Once upon a time, I decided to quit a job that wasn’t making me happy, and do something that made me very happy. I thought I would just walk dogs for a few months, but I loved it so much that I kept going. Then a few friends decided that they also would prefer a life surrounded by wags. They hopped in to help me with the growing number of dogs and cats who needed someone they could count on when Mom or Dad wasn’t available. I had no idea in 2007 that doing what I loved everyday would grow into The FurKid Company.

Our approach is very simple. For the time that we are with your dog or cat, they are our very own FurKid. We work hard to do everything you would do if you were able to be home for a walk or a snuggle with them. And as FurKid parents ourselves, we know that an email after our visit makes your day! We also know that it is important to you that we follow your own personal “parental approach” during our time with them, and that is exactly what we do. We have had many of the clients you will see on these pages since they were puppies or kittens. And we pride ourselves on taking very special care of both young and gray muzzled FurKids.

As you will soon see, our team is made up of amazing people who understand that we do not take care of pets. We take care of, love on and provide fun for FurKids. And we can’t wait to meet yours soon!

~  Beth Maeyer 

Owner & Founder

The FurKid Company LLC


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